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Labeler is a web app to effortlessly generate PDF labels for batches of organic production. It’s repetitive task to manually create those labels. Data in different entries is very similar, so the key feature to speed up the process there was a clone button. Actually, I wanted to better understand REST APIs. Since the best way to learn is to build it by yourself, so I picked my old project, which was implemented using only Python and Django previously, and re-implemented it using new tools. For back-end I used Django REST framework. Front-end is built using React.js. Main focus was on front-end and back-end interaction, so to simplify styling Semantic-UI was used. I wanted PDF generation to happen on front-end client, so I used PDF.js library. Such approach preserves internet bandwidth and server computation. This project is somewhere in pre-alpha stage - just a basic functionality able to operate online. There are some work in to-do, like a bit of code optimization, user input validation and feedback messages to user.

Django REST frameworkPythonReact.jsSemantic-UIDocker

Activity Dash

Activity dash is a web application to visualize my data collected with Polar GPS running watch. I noticed, that it’s possible to export all data from my Polar Flow account, so I thought it would be interesting to do something with this data using tools I know. Data processing was done in Jupyter Notebook using Pandas and Numpy. Notebook is included in repository, however raw data file isn’t, as it contains too much personal data as for public repository. Dashboard app itself is built using Plotly Dash framework, which is written on top of Flask, Plotly.js and React.js. For organizing CSS part, I followed BEM rules this time.

PythonPlotly DashPandasNumpyJupyterDocker

Z Removals

Z Removals provide high quality removal services in Northern Ireland. Web page was created to improve online presence for their great services. Page is powered by Django. It was expected that most users will be viewing this web page in their mobiles, so responsiveness and smooth appearance was the main focus.


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