About me

Marius Ščerbickas is a developer with background ranging from financial accounting to managing international trading company. This experience gave him strong practical perspective of problems in point of view of business. Also, starting something completely new never scared him, wether it was a new business activity in a company or a new coding project using new programming language and tooling. Constant learning is a lifestyle.

His coding journey started a few years ago. After learning a bit of Python, Marius wrote some scripts to extract and process some data from a very messy spreadsheet, figure out several thousand of URLs for PDF documents, download them, process every document and store extracted data to a new spreadsheet. Manually it would have been days of labor. Seeing how powerful just a few lines of code could be was one of the most amazing and life changing experience.

Currently, Marius is interested in web development and data science related positions to dive even deeper in subject and make more interesting things. Also, following best practices it is necessary to mention that Marius successfully finished in several half-marathons and lately is enjoying inline-skating in his free time.


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